Stroke Recovery “CVA”

Enayati provides all the basic nursing care needed during recovery period at home

Palliative Care

Palliative care includes control of pain and other distressing symptoms and psychosocial, emotional and spiritual support for patients and families.

Geriatrics and Dementia Care

Medications used to treat chronic illness alters the overall health status of the elderly and requires careful attention to changes to nutritional status, mental status, sensory changes.

Chronic Conditions Heart

chronic care condition requires at least 4 to 5 prescription medications. Taking a high number of prescription medications leads to a greater risk of side effects .

General Home Nursing

Our nurses ensure that our clients whetherelderly, disabled are well managed and will achieve an improved quality of life.

Train your Home Helper

Enayati has in-house training programs that our staff completes prior to visiting your home. More than 250 hours of instructional material have been developed.


Aims to optimise function, prevent falls, reduce pain and improve mobility in the convenience and comfort of the patient’s home environment.

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Our Clinical team includes


Patient Safety

Enayati uses the Falls Risk Assessment Tool which looks at multifactor associated with falls. Enayati helps clients also understand the relationship between their medications and risk for falls through completion of the medication reconciliation program.

Transitional Care from Hospital

Reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalization and avoidable emergency department visits with Enayati specialized discharge service. On average, 20% of older adults discharged home from hospitals are re- admitted within 30 days.


Enayati clinical software includes a first of a kind combined nurse mobile application, clinical documentation, complete back office suite and a family portal. We will be able to capture, store, integrate and interact with clinical data to provide all stakeholders with insights to create better outcomes.

Quality/ Accreditation Standard

Accreditation standards will build a culture of quality, safety, and excellence, identify leading and commendable practices and promote our commitment to offering safe, high-quality services.


InterRAI tools will assist our nursing team in planning and monitoring care and improve our ability to conduct research, collect and analyze date.


Enayati nurses are leaders in their field. The training platform is built upon the high Canadian nursing models and best practice guidelines. As part of our training schedule we have visiting lecturers from Canada in the area of Cardiovascular Care, Geriatrics Care, Chronic Care Illness.


“You are an outstanding service and I have recommended you to several others. Each nurse was well trained and the supervisors are professional and thorough. Absolutely an outstanding group of people, caretakers, and attitude. Thank you for putting care back in healthcare.”

-JG, Jumeirah 3 – March 2016

“Service has been fantastic. Enayati have been more than just a nurse care provider for my father, they have treated him like family and I am extremely thankful for it.”

-January 2016

“I am very pleased with all your nurses & physios who have visited my home. Your staff are a delight to be with, both professional & friendly. Thank you for all the help you have given us.”

-January 2016

“As a family we are very happy with the support and care that the nurses have given us. You are a professional organization who knows what they are doing; please keep your high standards and commitment. It’s hard to come by.”

-January 2016


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