Stroke Recovery “CVA”

Enayati provides all the basic nursing assistance needed during recovery period at home.


Palliative care includes regulation of pain and other distressing symptoms, as well as providing psychosocial and emotional support for patients and families.

Geriatrics and Dementia

Medications used to treat chronic illness alters the overall health status of the elderly and requires careful attention to changes to nutritional status, mental status, sensory changes.

Chronic Conditions Heart

chronic care condition requires at least 4 to 5 prescription medications. Taking a high number of prescription medications leads to a greater risk of side effects .

General Home Nursing

Our nurses ensure that our clients whetherelderly, disabled are well managed and will achieve an improved quality of life.

Train your Home Helper

Our home care nurse staff completes comprehensive in-house training programmes before visiting your home. We have more than 250 hours of instructional materials.


Physiotherapy is a science-based profession aiming to optimise function, prevent falls, relieve pain and improve mobility in the comfort and convenience of the patient’s home environment.

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Enayati is a premier provider of home care nursing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are the first home care services provider in the UAE to be accredited according to International Standards, making us established leaders in the field of home care nursing in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the country.

World-class Quality for Elderly Care in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE

Enayati Home Health Care is founded by a team of Canadian nurses who have more than 15 years of experience helping patients and families transition from hospitalisation to home care. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we provide the highest level of elderly care possible to all patients. In line with this, we use state-of-the-art cloud technology to monitor vital signs of patients and inform their families and physicians accordingly. At Enayati, we understand how important it is for families to have peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are receiving first-rate elderly care and attention from highly qualified professionals.

Our Western-trained managers and supervisors ensure our team delivers a high standard of clinical services to each and every family that puts their trust in us. As such, all of our home care nurse staff completes over 200 hours of training to acquire the necessary skills and experience in elderly care. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are the choice home care services provider by many doctors and medical professionals, thanks to our Patient Safety-oriented programme.

If you want to give your loved one the best possible health care available today, then choose the premier provider of home nursing in the Emirates: Enayati Home Health Care.

Our Clinical team includes


Patient Safety

Enayati uses an advanced Falls Risk Assessment Tool which evaluates various factors associated with falls. Enayati Nursing will implement a detailed medication reconciliation as a first step to evaluate risk for falls.

Transitional Care from Hospital

Reduce the likelihood of re-hospitalization and avoidable emergency department visits with Enayati specialized discharge service. On average, 20% of older adults discharged home from hospitals are re- admitted within 30 days.


Enayati clinical software is the first of its kind to combine nurse mobile application, clinical documentation, complete back office functions, and a family portal. It enables us to capture, store, integrate, and interact with clinical data to provide all stakeholders with timely insights to foster better outcomes.

Quality/ Accreditation Standard

Accreditation standards will build a culture of quality, safety, and excellence, identify leading and commendable practices and promote our commitment to offering safe, high-quality services.


InterRAI tools assist our home nursing team in the Emirates in planning and monitoring care and improve our ability to research, collect and analyze data.


Enayati nurses are leaders in their field. Our training platform is built upon the high Canadian nursing models and best practice guidelines. As part of our training schedule, we have visiting lecturers from Canada specialising in the areas of Cardiovascular Care, Geriatrics Care, and Chronic Illness Care.


My family and I would like to thank you and your team for the effort you have put to help my mother and support her in any way. May God bless you.

-Umm Suqeim, November 2017

I’d like to thank Enayati very much, especially to Nurse RP and SC for your fantastic job and support for my father. Absolutely great! Your support enabled my father to experience this dreamlike journey. Nurse RP was so friendly and professional, also Nurse SC. We had full confidence in your service. We all wish you and your company continued success.

-Jumeirah Mina A’Salam, March 2018

“You are an outstanding service and I have recommended you to several others. Each nurse was well trained and the supervisors are professional and thorough. Absolutely an outstanding group of people, caretakers, and attitude. Thank you for putting care back in healthcare.”

-Jumeirah, September 2016

“Service has been fantastic. Enayati have been more than just a nurse care provider for my father, they have treated him like family and I am extremely thankful for it.”

-January 2016


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