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Geriatrics and Dementia Care

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Geriatrics and Dementia Care Home Service


The elderly have different healthcare needs than that of adults, as their bodily functions have changed over time. In addition, medications prescribed for the treatment of chronic illnesses causes significant change in the overall health status of elderly patients. As such, they require careful, focused attention to monitor changes in their nutritional needs, mental health, and sensory conditions.

Our team is well-prepared and qualified to provide the following services:

  • Medications administration & management
  • Fall safety assessment
  • Physical exercises to improve strength and prevent falls and other accidents
  • Range of Motion exercises to minimize contractures
  • Accompany a patient to doctor appointments
  • Train your home helper in elderly care

How our dementia care home service can help your family

At Enayati, our aim is to provide expert assistance to your elder family member whether at home or in the hospital. If you are looking for dementia care homes, consider our professional home care services which include the following:

  • Daily visits to bed-ridden patients to bathe, change clothes and position, and timely feedings
  • Temporary relief breaks for families and their caregivers
  • Overnight stay in hospital to prevent patient fall
  • Extra support for the elderly during holidays and special occasions (e.g., weddings)
  • Night time nurse attendant for newly diagnosed dementia patients and initial period of medication adjustments
  • Muscle strengthening exercises and stretching to lessen contractures, stiffness in joints and muscles, and bodily pain

If you require the services of dementia care homes, give us a call today. We can custom design a care package of hours per week that supports the family.

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