Posted April 23, 2015

Ms. Rosemary Hood

Ms. Rosemary Hood chairs the Quality and Governance Committee of the Board bringing more than 30 years of hospital administration experience in the UK, where she has led accreditation processes, operational reviews and organizational restructuring across the UK NHS.

Rosemary has also worked for governmental and non-governmental agencies in the commissioning of hospital services and developmental work and famine relief. Regional experience include Africa, the Middle East and 5 years in the GCC; Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

Rosemary holds an undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Law and is a specialized legal expert witness in obstetrics, gynecological and clinical governance. She has participated in both criminal and civil proceedings in the field of healthcare and is also an honorary lecturer at Queens University and University of Ulster, Northern Ireland, providing instruction in Nursing and the Law.

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