Posted April 23, 2018

RC, Registered Nurse, Enayati -April 2018

I would personally rank Enayati Homecare to work as a nurse because it’s organized, has continuous training and major attention to medication safety. I feel that my nursing care is best when it comes to safety because of medication reconciliation management

Posted July 20, 2015

AK, Physician, Rashid Hospital

“…. the medical chart was organized, and accounted for the past 12 months in the home. I wish all our patients a similar health history available in this format. The change in patient condition was evident and action taken immediately by Enayati. The patient was diagnosed and admitted to hospital quickly and after a very short treatment, was discharged home.”

Posted July 20, 2015

DJ, Nurse, SGH

“….. a very professional team led by strong nursing supervisors. Their knowledge in cardiac care patients is amongst the best that I have seen.”

Posted July 20, 2015

JM, Nurse, Rashid Hospital

“I never expected to see their managers visit their nurses on the night shift in the hospital… this is a sign of strong management and professional team.”

Posted July 20, 2015

HL, Physician, DHCC

“I needed a nursing agency to look after my clients who travel from out of country for treatment. The team has strong clinical skills. I am notified of urgent issues, and as a team we are able to resolve medication adjustments over the phone without transporting to the hospital. My patients feel confident. They are reliable and competent to handle any situation.”

Posted July 20, 2015

NT, Nurse, SGH

“…..the nursing supervisors visit on Fridays and always asking about feedback.”

Posted July 20, 2015

AF, Physician, Rashid Hospital

“Enayati has a professional approach to discharging patients from hospital. Their medication safety program is impressive and I would recommend their service to my patients families.”

Posted May 6, 2015

CEC, Charge Nurse, Enayati

“One thing I liked was their attention to details and they deliver specialized care for each individual. They try to find a solution that is convenient to each family the meet.”

Posted May 6, 2015

RRP, Registered Nurse, Enayati

“I would recommend nurses to work for Enayati if they have an interest in Improving their standards / skills in home healthcare specifically in general nursing, stroke / CVA, Palliative etc.”

Posted May 6, 2015

GA, Registered Nurse, Enayati

“The thing I find most challenging and rewarding when working at Enayati is Continuous learning in terms of theory and skills in providing care to our clientele. I think the rewarding moments is when there’s a crucial situation the Enayati will never left you alone.”

Posted May 6, 2015

DC, Registered Nurse, Enayati

“Enayati enabled me to provide safe effective care by providing us with additional knowledge thru training”

Posted May 6, 2015

JT, Registered Nurse, Enayati

“I chose to work for Enayati Home Healthcare because it is a company with high standards of care”

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