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Train your Home Helper

Enayati Service

You may have caregivers at your home who may require training. Our team will be prepared to provide
training in the following topics:

  •  Medications Management
  •  Tracheostomy care
  •  Nutrition therapy through tube feedings (NGT, PEG)
  •  Wound care and skin care
  •  Diabetes diet and food preparation (how to modify favorite foods)
  •  Diabetes management, assessment and control and Diabetic foot
  •  Infection Control; how to minimize infection in the home environment
  •  Measuring blood pressure and temperature
  •  Mobility, transfer from wheelchair to chair, and seating positions
  •  Activities of daily living (assisting with baths, feeding, dressing)

Enayati has in-house training programs that our staff completes prior to visiting your home. More than 250 hours of instructional material have been developed and implemented using Canadian best practice guidelines.

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